Tips to Find the Perfect Columbia Heights Apartment

The centrally located Columbia Heights is one of DC’s most desirable areas for apartment hunters.

Because of its walkability, proximity to the city’s best attractions, and convenience to urban commuters, it offers a lifestyle that many people new DC residents seek.

If you are searching for the perfect Columbia Heights apartment, keep these tips in mind to find a great deal on your wonderful new home.


You Don’t Have to Spend a Fortune!

Despite apartments in this area averaging higher than the rest of the city, there are many great deals to be found for those willing to put in the research.

The average rent in the neighborhood is just north of $2,000, but there are plenty of places that are less expensive without sacrificing luxurious amenities and convenient locations.


Choosing a place with the right balance of amenities is critical to getting the best deal.

A host of luxurious amenities is lovely, but not if you aren’t using them. Think about which ones are most important to you, and which you can live without. If you are paying for luxurious amenities you never get to enjoy, then it just isn’t worth it.

On the other hand, if you’re the kind of person who loves the amenity side of apartment living, look at buildings that have unique and luxurious offerings. For example, one of the Columbia Heights apartments offers its residents a rooftop deck with a dog run. If you’re a pet owner or someone that just likes to relax and take in fantastic city views, this is a perfect fit.


Get the Right Size

The best way to get the most value for your dollar is to choose an appropriately sized apartment for your needs. For the most part, less square footage means lower rent every month, so think hard about how much (or how little) space you can live with.

Be honest with yourself though. You don’t want to be stuck in a year-long lease in a place that is just too small to be comfortable. Maybe you’ll save a few bucks, but living in Columbia Heights is all about quality of life. If you are ultimately unhappy, you’d be better off living elsewhere.


Shop Around

There’s no shortage of apartment buildings in this neighborhood, so if you aren’t in a hurry to move, take your time to visit all of them. Leasing is usually a year-long commitment, so we want to be sure that this is the right place before we sign any paperwork.

If you can wait until the winter time to look for your next apartment, it will give you a lot more leverage in negotiating your rent. This season is a slow time for property managers, and you may find lower offers and additional incentives if you move in during the off-season.

Happy Hunting!

With these tips, you can get a great deal on your new Columbia Heights apartment. Whether you are seeking large or small, adequate or luxurious, use these tips to shop around for the best deal that will meet your needs without breaking the budget.

Seven Reasons to Visit San Francisco

What comes to your mind when you hear about San Francisco city in California? Probably you will think of the famous Golden Gate Bridge greatly associated with this city. However, there is so much to do in this city beyond just seeing the famous bridge. San Francisco is the fourth most popular city in California. The city has a hilly terrain, diverse culture, architectural wonders, beautiful sceneries, high-class restaurants and much more for you to enjoy. If you plan to have a vocational tour, San Francisco should be your travel destination. Below are the top seven reasons to visit San Francisco on your next vacation.

The hotels

This is a city with many great hotels. You will have several choices to pick from when selecting your place of stay while in San Francisco. From big luxury hotels to cute tiny hotels, accommodation is not something you can miss to get. With that budget you have, you will find a nice place to stay.

Beautiful attractions

One of the great reasons to visit San Francisco is to catch a glimpse of its natural beauty. The city has many incredible parks for you, granting you the opportunity to enjoy your preferred outdoor activities. The Golden Gate Park is the best of all and the ideal place to watch the leaves turn. During fall, you can enjoy free admission to all the national parks available. Some of the attractions you need to visit include The Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, The Exploratorium, Fisherman’s Wharf, Chinatown, Haight-Ashbury among others.

The Weather

This is one of the cities with the best weather. San Francisco is usually cooler than outside the city, making it perfect weather for a vacation. You can, therefore, enjoy the cool weather as you visit this city on your next vacation.

The Food Scene

There are many people who travel to a new city with the goal of trying the local cuisine. San Francisco is a city with great cuisine due to the great diversity in it. This is a city with kitschy casual food and has high-quality restaurants that will serve your taste. You can find the cuisine from any country in the world from these great restaurants.

The shopping

From high-end boutiques to affordable retail shops, San Francisco is a mecca for your holiday shopping. The leading shopping district is the area surrounding the Union square. The streets there are lined with department stores where you can get your favorites. You will also get some famous boutiques in the San Francisco Centre where you can shop your favorites from.  

The Hills

The hills enhance the beauty of the city and give it a unique look. Visiting this city and capturing shots of the hill overlooking the bay will give sweet moments. These hills are one of the places movies and TV shows are shot from. They have unique panoramic views that are appealing to the eye and can be enjoyed from different viewpoints.