Lawn Care Tips for

You really would love to see a healthy lawn everyday adjoin to your house. So why not you
make it in that way? It is important that you must think about your lawn so that you can feel that
freshness while chilling yourself here. You must know the basics of your lawn so that if you can
make it pretty and simpler.

Setting The Soil Right

If you want to keep your lawn tidy and pretty the most key factors which you must look into is
preparation and planning of the same. No matter in which way you choose to prepare the soil
but make sure you clear the area properly to get rid of all the weeds and make sure that the soil
won’t get dampen all over. Many landscaping companies in Richmond suggest that you must get the pH of the
soil tested.

Important To Decide Whether To Seed Or Not To Seed

To get a beautiful lawn, it is important to roll out the carpet of sod, and truly this is one of the
quickest ways. But sod can also be expensive sometimes if the lawn is too big. On the other
hand, to reduce the cost you can also do the seeding work by yourself. Either manually or with
the help of hydroseeding. It solves the labor of hand seeding, and even many farmers work on
this kind of fertilizers.

Mowing Is Important

If you want to get some lawn secrets, then the first thing to keep in mind is mowing the height of
the grass. It is important that the mower must reach the highest end so that when you are cutting
it has reached its highest level. For the development of the root taller grass is much more
important. Also, the taller grass blocks the direct sunlight to reach to your green lawn. Thus, you
must never cut it short.

Water Is An Important Element, Too

It is important to water your lawn but at the same time make sure that you do it deeply. If you do
it weekly, then the water will help to get to a large extent but shallow watering, on the other
hand, will make the soil dead or ruin. If you water the soil deeply, then it will prevent it from

insects, bugs. But, it is important to know the level of water that needs to be poured in the soil
keeping in mind the type of the soil- in case of sandy soil it gets dry very fast while the clay
soils, on the other hand, keep on the moisture for a longer time.

Supply Of The Air Is Important

When the grass present in the lawn gets to congested the proper amount of nutrients, do not reach
to the entire root. Thus, it is important that you must poke holes to improve the circulation of the
oxygen in the lawn. Even it can be aerated with some simple tools like dual hollow tubes.

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